Everfuel udbygger infrastruktur i Norge

Everfuel vil bygge 15 brinttankstationer i den sydlige del af Norge inden udgangen af 2023. Det oplyser den jyske brintvirksomhed i en pressemeddelelse.

De 15 brinttankstationer er del af Everfuels plan om at forbinde de centrale trafikårer i Norge, Danmark og Sverige med hinanden, for at muliggøre nulemissionskørsel for lastbiler, busser og personbiler i regionen.

I pressemeddelelsen udtaler Jacob Krogsgaard, CEO i Everfuel:

“Everfuel is committed to integrating and optimizing the green hydrogen value chain at scale for zero emission mobility in Europe. We are taking the lead in connecting safe hydrogen production, distribution and fueling for end-customers in our Scandinavian home market. This puts Everfuel at the forefront of the green transition, but it will require substantial capital investment, partnerships with end-users and vehicle providers, and public financial backing.

A massive effort is underway to innovate, pursue scale effects and drive down costs across the hydrogen value chain and for the end-user vehicles. With the collective support from governments worldwide this will soon create a self-sustained profitable industry with hydrogen trucks and buses outperforming today’s fossil technology.”

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